FDD SCSI Definition Error

Gene Milligan Gene_Milligan at notes.seagate.com
Tue Sep 3 14:58:20 PDT 1996

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SCSI-2 and SCSI-3 have an error in the control of variable pins for flexible 
disc drives. They both have the following definition without the editors note:

Bit   7  6  5  4 Description of pin 4 use
       P  0  0  0         Open
      P  0  0  1          In use
      P  0  1  0         Eject
      P  0  0  0         Head load  (Editors note: This code should be 100?)

1     P is a polarity bit, where 0 is active low and 1 is active high     
2     All undefined values are reserved.

Are there any SCSI FDD implementors that know what FDD drives actually did?

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