SCAM on LDV (round 2)

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Tue Oct 29 08:31:39 PST 1996

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No, no, no, no!  I did not say that you guys are 'ahead' of us or anyone else! 
I said that you guys are 6 months 'early' without referrence to a comparison of
us or anyone else. This explicitly implies (if you can explicitly imply
something) that you are 6 months 'too' early...for the market!    


Skip Jones
QLogic Corp.

PS: Your move.
From: Lohmeyer, John on Fri, Oct 25, 1996 8:30 PM
Subject: RE: SCAM on LDV (round 2)
To: 'Penokie, George'; 'Jones, Skip'
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Skip and George,

I'll put LVD SCAM on the SPI-2 meeting agenda for Monday Morning.  I   
meant to put the agenda out today but got interrupted by events at work.   
 It should go out Monday.

And yes, it is not immediately obvious that SCAM works with LVD.  I think   
there is a perception that SCAM cannot work with differential because   
there are no HVD SCAM implementations.  This was because the pin count is   
just too expensive with external transceivers -- not a fundamental   
problem with differential.

My response to George was delayed while I got confirmation that we   
actually supported SCAM in our part.  For me, the most non-obvious   
question is what happens when all those current-mode LVD drivers are all   
asserting at the same time.  It seems like the receivers will see a large   
voltage -- they do, but it is not a problem.


PS: George: Sorry if I sounded arrogant.  Skip: Are we really 6 months   
ahead of you guys?  ;-)

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