Terminate I/O Process Message - SCSI 2/3 differences

Tony Cappellini tcappell at QNTM.COM
Mon Oct 28 16:57:06 PST 1996

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* tcappell at qntm.com (Tony Cappellini)
     According to SCSI2, when the Terminate I/O Process message is received 
     by the target, it shall return 00/06/06 when request sense is issued.
     In SCSI 3 (X3T10995D rev b, May 1996), ASC 06 has been redefined to 
     "No reference position found", and I do not see any other codes for 
     I/O process terminated.
     Does anybody know how SCSI 3 is supposed to handle Message 0x11 ?
     Tony Cappellini
     Quantum Corporation
     Milpitas, CA
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