Draft Agenda SCSI Working Group Nov 5-6, 1996

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SCSI Working Group Meeting
Palm Springs, CA
November 5-6, 1996
Draft Agenda

1. Opening Remarks
2. Approval of Agenda
3. Attendance and Membership
4. EPI Topics
5. Physical Topics
   5.1 Arbitration Fairness (96-172) [Lohmeyer]
   5.2 Issues carried over from Monday (if any)
6. Protocol Topics
   6.1 New Task Management Models for SAM (96-198r2) [Johansson]
   6.2 Add Mode Page for Fibre Channel features (96-195) [Houlder]
   6.3 Tape Support on FC-AL (Reflector Message) [Hagerman]
   6.4 Autosense Proposal for SCSI-3 (Refelctor Message) [Alvey]
7. Command Set Topics
   7.1 SPC-2
      7.1.1 Proposal for Additional Persistent Reservation Functions (96-
         233r0) [Coughlan]
      7.1.2 Questions on Persistent Reservations (reflector message)   
      7.1.3 SPC Link Event Timeout (96-248r0) [Stephens]
   7.2 SBC
   7.3 Commands required by SCSI-2 and optional in SCSI-3 (96-230r0)   
8. Other Topics
   8.1 Greater than 8GB Technical Report Review [Lamers/ ???]
   8.2 IP over SCSI (Reflector Message) [Lamers]
9. Meeting Schedule
10. Adjournment

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