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Thanks for your comments.

I think the matter of which ongoing standards activities are to be referenced
in the SBP-2 project proposal deserves some discussion by X3T10.  Clearly,
standards development activities that have a direct bearing upon SBP-2
deserve inclusion. Along those lines, I would concur with Steve Finch's
assertion that P1212a (once authorized) is indeed closely related---by virtue
of the use of configuration ROM within SBP-2.

With respect to other projects I think it is less clear. At one extreme, one
could cite every conceivable command set that might ever use SBP-2 as a
transport protocol and at the other extreme cite none. The reality is likely
to lie somewhere in between.

Of the other three projects you mention, I think that only P1285 arguably
might be in this category.  Neither P1596 nor P1996 has a direct relationship
to SBP-2 and neither concerns itself with a peripheral device command set.
However, P1285 itself encompasses both a transport protocol and a command
set. One could implement P1285 devices in conjunction with IEEE Std 1394-1995
and have no need to reference SBP-2. Speaking for myself, I do not see a
close relationship between P1285 and SBP-2.

In short, I do not believe that the other three projects have a close enough
relationship with SBP-2 to merit their reference in the project proposal.
SBP-2 is intended to be uniquely suited to its underlying medium, IEEE Std

However, if it is the case that you are not present in Palm Springs in person
to speak for yourself, I will represent your position at the X3T10 Plenary.

Informal liaison with P1285, P1596 and P1996 is welcome in any event.


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