Minutes of SPI-2 Working Group -- October 10, 1996

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SPI-2 Working Group -- October 10, 1996                    X3T10/96-xxx   

Accredited Standards Committee*
X3, Information Technology
                                                 Doc. No.: X3T10/96-xxx   
                                                     Date: October 15,   
                                                  Project: 1142-D
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                                                           Symbios Logic   
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To:         X3T10 Membership
From:       John Lohmeyer, X3T10 Chair
            Larry Lamers, X3T10 Vice Chair
Subject:    SPI-2 Working Group -- October 10, 1996
            St. Petersburg Beach, FL

A small SPI-2 Working Group meeting was held October 10, 1996 in St.
Petersburg Beach, FL hosted by Charles Brill of AMP, Inc.  John Lohmeyer
thanked Chuck for hosting the meeting and the exciting weather (TS   
earlier in the week.

Attendance at working group meetings does not count toward minimum   
requirements for X3T10 membership.  Working group meetings are open to   
person or organization directly and materially affected by X3T10's scope   
work.  The following people attended the meeting:

         Name          S        Organization         Electronic Mail   
 ---------------------- -- -------------------------   
Mr. Lawrence J. Lamers A  Adaptec, Inc.             ljlamers at aol.com
Mr. Michael Wingard    O  Amphenol Interconnect     mikwingard at aol.com
Mr. Louis Grantham     P  Dallas Semiconductor      grantham at dalsemi.com
Dr. William Ham        A# Digital Equipment Corp.   
  ham at subsys.enet.dec.com
Mr. John Lohmeyer      P  Symbios Logic Inc.   
       john.lohmeyer at symbios.com
Mr. Paul D. Aloisi     P  Unitrode Corporation      aloisi at unitrode.com

6 People Present

Status Key:  P    -  Principal
             A,A# -  Alternate
             O    -  Observer
             L    -  Liaison
             V    -  Visitor

The group focused on identifying the integration issues of merging the   
Fast-20, SIP, and SPI-2 Rev 11 documents into a unified SPI-2 document.   
Lamers prepared the following issue list to document the meeting results:

SPI-2 Unified Document (SPUD) Integration Issues

1.  Active negation - map of existance (see X3T10/95-295); map of   
    (use F20 envelope)
2.  SE termination, max/min current & sinking of current (see X3T10/96-
    222r1); suggest min current 20 milliamps at 0.2 v D.C.and a max of   
    milliamps at 0.2 v D.C.;  don't require driver to sink this to avoid   
    qualify; add a min at 0.5 v D.C.; how to deal with non-linear   
terminators; do
    we need a duty-cycle spec? suggest 20 asserted signals for wide, 12   
on narrow,
    37 on 32-bit.  Add exception for a contained bus (e.g., laptop) of   
less than
    0.3 meters. Add a 12.5 pf max capacitance for terminator.
3.  Leakage spec increased for LVD multi-mode drivers to 20 micro-amps -
    Resolve by specifing one for each driver type.
4.  Latching & counting - require that they be a monatomic action for hot
    plugging - possibly an annex or implementation note.
5.  Ground - power, logic & ground drivers (25-pin power & ground   
    (SFF-8040)), signal ground and ground ground for tables defining SE   
6.  SE Receiver - hysterisis (.3), input levels (adopt F20), pin leakage
    (same), glitch filtering (enable of first detection of a transition   
for 'x'
    duration).  Need an algorythm to determine 'x'.
7.  SE Drivers - slew rate (use F20 specs);
8.  16 or 32 devices? 32-bit data path? Is it a single segment draft?
    Should expanders be included?  Suggest that SPI-2 is 16 loads per   
segment max;
    allow 32-bit data path and 32 SCSI IDs addressability when using   
    connectors with primary and secondary cables
9.  Case 4 hot plugging - requires SCA-2 connectors to allow precharge, a
    resistive contact may also work, needs research to determine max   
10. Cable specifications - impedance (loaded & unloaded), skew, wire   
11. Add Q-cable pinouts
12. Micro SCSI pinouts

The group discussed some possible solutions for several of the issues.   
the group was quite small, the resolution of these issues was deferred to   
Palm Springs meeting November 4th, where a larger group is expected.

Bill Ham prepared X3T10/96-252 on Case 4 hot plugging for SPI-2.  It   
three possible methods of achieving data integrity with LVD case 4 hot
plugging.  This document (96-252r0.doc) will be placed on the SCSI BBS   
and on
the ftp site   

The next meetings of the SPI-2 Working Group are:  November 4, 1996 in   
Springs, CA and December 5, 1996 in Bloomington, MN (with X3T11).
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