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I have uploaded SBC Rev 6 to the BBS. I do not know how soon John Lohmeyer will 
be able to move this file (SBCR6.ZIP) to a public area and to the ftp site. I 
tried to upload it to the ftp site but for some reason was unable to open the 
incoming directory in standards and did not find one under X3T10.

I plan to request that the document tweaked in the scheduled editing session 
11/8/96 be sent out on a letter ballot for forwarding to X3 for further 
processing. Before that the plenary needs to address the issue of the 5/96 
motion on certain obsolete commands which I pointed out in an earlier reflector 

For your information I have copied the summary of revision 6 changes from the 
document status section below:

Revision 6 (13 October 1996)

Removed SCSI-3 Graphic Commands (SGC)
Removed Note in Change History for 96-186r1 due to plenary approval.
In the Optical memory density codes Table changed density codes 02h & 07h from 
obsolete to reserved and deleted the information about them.
In the Pin 4 field Table changed the last code to 100 and deleted the Editors 
Deleted See Annex K of the ANSI X3.170A- 1991 for further information on 
synchronized spindles. from the Rigid disk device geometry page description.
Replaced the Annex A drawings with equivalent Word drawings.
Completed de-whiching the document with the exception of the patent statement.
Replaced see SCC with see X3.276.
Changed several of the have to, to a form of may.
Replaced many instances of many except where a required quantity is being 
referred to.
Replaced that is not readable from a data device. in the Regenerate description 
with that has an error.
Replaced The last xor result is the data that should have been present on the 
unreadable device. with The last xor result is the regenerated data that had 
the error.
Clarified SI by adding the statement An SI bit set to one shall take precedence 
over any other FORMAT UNIT field.
Changed then Note 11 to part of the body in 6.1.8.
Replaced can with may except in the cases that seemed to be addressing mainly 
that the item was possible as opposed to allowed.
General editing of the START STOP UNIT command per Larry Lamers suggestions.
Changed the Rev 5 history from Added X3T10/96-104r4 to Added X3T10/96-140r4
Added implied requirements to the WAKEUP response.
General editing per Larry Lamers suggestions.
Changed the Device status page - SEND DIAGNOSTIC page length from 000gh to 
Changed the Device status page - RECEIVE  DIAGNOSTIC page length from n-4 to 
Deleted Note 1 See annex c for additional standards information. from 
Direct-access medium-type codes.

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