FW: Liaison with IEEE P1596.8

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Regarding Ken's questions below:

 I only have the project proposal as an information source and so I do not have 
have definitive information to answer your questions but will take a stab at it.

 It is proposed to encompass both and p1394.2 is described as an SCI like 
interface. In fact I guess the project would apply to all SCI like interfaces.

 I don't know about the technology but the phrase "an upgrade from ... 1394 
...  and ...  SCI" is used.

 It is one project.

 I don't think you are confused, just a victim of sparse information.



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Subject: FW: Liaison with IEEE P1596.8

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I'm not sure I understand this. Is P1596.8 a proposed IEEE interface that 
encompasses BOTH 1394.2 serial and some form of parallel SCI? Is there some 
form of new technology at work here? Or is P1596.8 a committee with 2 
different projects, one for 1394.2 (Serial Express) and another for SCI 
parallel? Or am I simply confused again about something everyone else 

Confused in Mission Viejo
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