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I promised to post a summary of the email I received regarding the   
appropriateness of Joe Molina's posting to the SCSI Reflector regarding   
the availability of table space at the SCSI Technology Center at Fall   
Comdex.  Being an election year, I'd say apathy won by a landslide.

I received three comments:

1) Skip Jones (commenting on my posting to Joe Molina):

"Really well said!  Good job."

2) Ed Gardner:

"If Joe's message had been a solicitation for STA membership, then I
wouldn't have said anything.  I wouldn't have minded a line stating that   
option on a table at Comdex was an added benefit of membership.

But this wasn't a STA membership solicitation.  It was (and I just   
it to be sure) a very blatent promotion of a Comdex table.  The mention   
STA membership was incidental ("You also need..."), mentioned as an aside
to the main point ("There are only 3 unassigned need only   
up with your products and literature.").  This was a Comdex space sales   
not a STA membership solicitation.  And it was expressed with all the
shrill tones of a carnival barker.

Quite frankly I would rather see product announcements than this.   
announcements at least have some interest to a technical audience, this   
none.  STA has a reflector, that's the correct audience for flogging   
space, not the SCSI reflector."

3) Joe Molina:

"Sorry to cause you trouble, John. Your views coincide with mine. Whether   
not a SCSI company is a STA member, the STA and the STC at Comdex help   
SCSI companies. Additionally, STC participation is a good idea,   
for small companies who could not ordinarily afford to be at Comdex. Even
though one's responsibilities in a SCSI company may be technical,   
should have a sufficiently broad enough view to recognize that if it's   
for their company, it's good for them. I'll check with you the next time   
contemplate using the SCSI Reflector for this sort of message - don't'   
to irritate anyone. You may send this to people if you wish."

Hopefully, enough said.


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