Liaison with IEEE P1596.8

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Fri Oct 4 13:39:42 PDT 1996

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The US TAG for SC25/WG4 has received a letter asking if the TAG wishes to 
receive liaison mailings and have an opportunity to comment on IEEE P1596.8. 
Since the sponsor has requested coordination with X3T10 and X3T11 (hand marked 
in) this may be a duplicate request or may be stoning both birds.

As I gather it, P1596.8 is a project to define a parallel link for SCI (IEEE 
1596) and for Serial Express (P1394.2).

X3T12 (and X3T11) have until 10/28/96 to decide if they wish to accept the 
offer for liaison. Since this is before the next X3T12 meeting, I request that 
you voice your opinion via Email as to whether we should accept the offer. If 
this is not a duplicate offer either an agreement for liaison from either X3T11 
or X3T12 would be an agreement by the US TAG for SC25/WG4. X3T11 does have a 
meeting before the deadline and by copy of this Email I am asking Horst 
Truestedt to address the request at the X3T11 meeting.

The Chair of P1596.8 is Robert W. Beauchamp of Data General, Tel: 508-898-7325, 
Fax: 508-898-5406, and Email bob_beachamp at

However your comments on whether we should liaison with P1596.8 should be 
directed to me and/or the SCSI reflector.

Gene Milligan
US TAG for SC25/WG4 IR (Per X3T10, X3T11, and X3T12 MOU)
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