Did we or did we not?

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Did we goof or did we not goof. Did we make commands obsolete or did we not?

At the September working group meeting I asked if we had made Seek, Search, and 
such obsolete.

The working group secretary searched some files and announced that an earlier 
working group had made such a recommendation and the plenary minutes did not 
show that any action was taken on the recommendation. As I recall a note was 
taken to be sure to address the question of making commands obsolete at the 
September plenary.

When I did not find any mention of obsolete commands in the September plenary 
minutes. I looked at the September working group minutes and found a different 
story than I remembered.

Since September minutes did not reflect what I recalled, I looked further back. 
Here is what I found:

>From X3T10/96-167R1 - SCSI Working Group Minutes for 5/96:

"6.5 SCSI-3 Block Commands (SBC) Review [Milligan]

Gene presented revision 4 of SBC.  Numerous details of SBC were discussed and 
Gene received substantial advice regarding needed changes.  Six commands, (such 
as SEEK and REZERO UNIT) were defined to be obsolete."

It is certainly not clear what the other three commands (seek is two) were.

>From X3T10/96-168R1 - X3T10 Plenary  Minutes for 5/96:

"8.11 SCSI-3 Block Commands (SBC) Status {Project 996-D} [Milligan]

Gene reported that the SCSI working group reviewed the known issues in SBC.  He 
noted that several commands were made obsolete.  Also, work is in progress to 
cleanup the power management requirements and make them more compatible with 
ATA power management.

Gene Milligan moved that the committee accept 996-D revision 4 as the current 
committee working document.  Charles Monia seconded the motion.  The motion 
passed unanimously.

10.1.5 SBC Commands [Milligan]

Gene Milligan moved that the plenary accept the SCSI Working Group 
recommendation that the SEEK, REZERO UNIT, and all SEARCH DATA XXX commands be 
made obsolete in the SBC.  George Penokie seconded the motion.  The motion 
passed 26:0."

It is now clear what the six commands were and that I should have made them 

But the September working group minutes state:

"6.2.2 Should SEEK be obsolete? [Milligan]

After a brief discussion, the group decided that SEEK had never been made
obsolete, by a plenary vote.  It further was agreed that SEEK should not   
be made obsolete."

Well we were wrong in the first instance and did we have a reason for the 
second instance?

The September plenary minutes are silent on this subject.

Are there any informed comments?


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