Proposal to add a new modifier to SCSI Write commands.

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Hi Folks:

This is in reply to Gene's note below and several others.

As I read the proposal, it's simply delegating to the drive what the host is
already doing via read/write long (which is to force an ECC error) and nothing
more.  Presumably, the host is prepared to handle the consequences, as it does
now when using the existing mechanism.  In contrast to other replies,  I
therefore see no reason to add more functionality than what's asked for.

With regard to patent issues, as Tom's proposal states, if implemented as
described there is no infringlement. What's more, if that is the case,
questions raised in other replies about mirroring and the like are simply not
relevant.  Finally, I don't see the difficulty in avoiding infringement as Gene
suggests below.


Gene Milligan wrote:
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> *
> Two points relative to the proposal:
>  1) I think there should be an additional sense code which clearly identifies

> these logical blocks as host induced unrecoverable errors. But I have not yet

> thought threw whether or not this distinction can be conveniently
>  2) The statement on the Digital patent sounded a little squeaky. To me it 
> sounded like it may be possible to not infringe but perhaps with great 
> difficulty. I appreciate the statement but would prefer that it be
> with a statement that if it is necessary to infringe the Digital patent in 
> order to comply with the requirements, that Digital will make licenses 
> available according to the ANSI patent policy.
> Beyond that I have previously stated that I welcome the proposal with the
> concern about having to implement two ways to do the same thing. This way is 
> better Could we add a new category of commands - Forbidden for READ & WRITE 
> Gene
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