Enclosure services command set (SES) revision 8 is now ready

Bob Snively bob.snively at Eng.Sun.COM
Mon Nov 25 09:29:15 PST 1996

* From the SCSI Reflector (scsi at symbios.com), posted by:
* bob.snively at Eng.Sun.COM (Bob Snively)

SES Revision 8 (SCSI Enclosure Services) will be available in the
SCSI reference areas in the next few minutes.  Three documents are

	SES revision 8			SCSI enclosure services command set

	X3T10/96-249, Revision 1	Final draft of comment responses

	X3T10/96-279, Revision 0	Check list of comment installation.
					Note revisions in Annex A and
					slight modification of invalid
					page management.

By BBS:		  719-533-7950 300--14400 baud
		  in file area 20.

By FTP:		  ftp.symbios.com
		  in directory  pub/standards/io/x3t10/drafts/ses

By web:		  http://www.symbios.com
		  use electronic services button, click on draft standards
		  directory, use your browser to down-load the files.

All going well, the document is now suitable for forwarding. 


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