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Fri Nov 22 12:52:54 PST 1996

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Pete McLean asked me to confirm that we have space available for this meeting
at Sony's facility, 3300 Zanker Road, San Jose, CA.

We do---but slightly later in the day than anticipated. The conference room
(which can accommodate 30 people) will be available at 11:30 AM Monday
morning, December 9. Since there is an espresso bar in the lobby, I invite
you to arrive anytime between 11:00 and 11:30 AM. The meeting room may be
available earlier.

The meeting topics are:

   * SBP-2 review comments (asynchronous sections)
     This item should be VERY BRIEF since we're discussing things over the
     reflector(s) in advance of the meeting

   * 1394 to ATA/ATAPI bridge (aka "tailgate") specification
      Yes, I know this is most likely to become an X3T13 project, but until
it does
     we'll continue to discuss it in this forum

Please RSVP so I can prepare a list of names in advance for Sony's facility
personnel---it makes their job easier.

With respect to lunch, I'm open to suggestions. The Sony cafeteria is at hand
and usually a quick way to arrange lunch.

Anyone in need of driving directions or hotel suggestions, please contact me


Peter Johansson

Congruent Software, Inc.
3998 Whittle Avenue
Oakland, CA  94602

(510) 531-5472
(510) 531-2942 FAX

pjohansson at aol.com

PS On Tuesday and Wednesday following this meeting there will be an informal
task group discussion devoted to isochronous matters in SBP-2. This is
intended to be a VERY small group, in part because of the limited size of the
conference room I was able to obtain (ten people) and in part because the
goal is a focused discussion among contributors who are already up to speed
on isochronous matters. We won't have the time to present any tutorial
material. If you believe that you have something to contribute, please
contact me beforehand. This is essential because of space limitations for the
   In the near future (perhaps at the January meeting) we hope to have an
isochronous tutorial so that broader discussions are possible.

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