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Fri Nov 22 12:51:51 PST 1996

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SBC Rev 7 has been uploaded to the ftp site and the BBS. The changes include:

Implemented November Plenary Instructions:
  Restored READ(6) as mandatory for direct-access block devices.
 By reference added READ(12), SET LIMITS(12), & WRITE(12) as optional for 
direct-access block devices.
 Obsoleted REZERO UNIT, SEARCH, & SEEK(6) commands.
 Added usage statement to SEEK(10),
 Completed numerous editorial changes based upon 11/8/96 Editorial Ad Hoc 
meeting including:
    Thorough edit of the XOR model and Annex A.
    Addition of RELEASE/RESERVE note 2 to Tables 1, 47, & 67.
    Addition of PERSISTENT RESERVE IN/OUT commands & note 1 to Tables 47 & 67.
    Replacement of lingering data-in or data-out buffer s with data-in buffer 
or data-out buffer.
    Replacement of lingering hard resets with RESET task management function ,  
    RESET SERVICE DELIVERY SUBSYSTEM or WAKEUP task management function 
    depending upon the case.
    Conversion of remaining fields to small caps.
    Standardization of phrasing for status with the form command shall be 
terminated with 
    XXXXXX status and the sense key shall be set to XXXXXXX with the 
    additional sense code for the condition.
Added note to READ(6) to explain the reason it is maintained as mandatory

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