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Fri Nov 22 07:30:45 PST 1996

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Gentlemen - I forgot to enter a few documents left on my pad so there may be
a little confusion over who has what number.  The correct list is below.

X3T10/96-274R0	E. Oetting	Minutes of SSC/SMC Working Group	SY-96-06
X3T10/96-275R0	E. Oetting	Write Append Only	SY-96-06
X3T10/96-276R0	R. Snively	Meeting with IEEE RAC on FC and SCSI usage of
OUI	SY-96-06
X3T10/96-277R0	R. Weber	Proposed Change in QErr=1 Behavior for SPC-2	SY-96-06
X3T10/96-278R0	R. Gasprik	SPI-2 R11 timing specificaitons	SY-96-06

John, Ralph - The numbers I gave you were already in use.  Please revise your
documents to the new numbers. Appreciate your understanding on this.

Larry Lamers

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