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November 5, 1996
To:     Membership of X3T10
From:   R. Reisch/R. Roberts
Subject: Minutes of X3T10 MMC  Working Group - November  5 and 6, 1996

Document Number: 96273R0 
File Name: 96273R0.DOC

1.0    Opening Remarks
2.0    Introductions
3.0    Document Distribution
4.0        Call for Patents
5.0        Approval of Agenda
6.0    Meeting Agenda
	6.1  Review changes to Rev 8.0B (All) (half day)
7.0        New Business
	7.1  MMC-2 Proposals
	7.2  Review of Mt Fuji document for inclusion into MMC-2
8.0        Review of Action Items
9.0        Future Meeting Schedule
10.0  Adjournment

1.0     Opening Remarks
Ron. Roberts called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM on Tuesday 11/05/96.  He
thanked Adaptec  for hosting the meetings.  Ron asked Mr. Rob Reisch of Kodak
to act as recording secretary for the meetings.

2.0     Introductions
Introductions of attendees were made and a sign-up sheet was distributed. The
following attendees were present for the two days of meetings:
		Ron Roberts	Apple Computer 		rkroberts at alo.com
		Robert Reisch      Eastman Kodak		reisch at kodak.com
		Rob Sims 	Hewlett Packard		robsims at depeche.lvld.hp.com
		Devon Worrell	Western Digital		worrell at dt.wdc.com
		Masa Morizumi	Yamaha			mmorizumi at yamaha.com
		Bill McFerrin	Philips			BMcFerrin at aol.com
		Mike Yokoyama	Sony 			yokoyama at dss.sel.sony.com
		Bob Snively	Sun			bob.snively at eng.sun.com
		Atsushi Ishihara	Toshiba			000093120433 at tg-mail.toshiba.co.jp
		John Hoy	Toshiba			john.hoy at taec.com
		Kent Manabe	American Kotobuki	manabe at ix.netcom.com
		Son Ho		Neomagic Corp.		sho at neomagic.com
		Ken Wolfgang	Cirrus Logic		kenw at colorado.cirrus.com
		Dan Colegrove	IBM			colegrove at vnet.ibm.com
		Mark Evans	Quantum 		mevans at qntm.com

3.0     Document Distribution
Ron Roberts distributed a PDF version of  MMC Rev. 8.0B. 
4.0     Call for Patents
The normal request for patent disclosures was made. No patents were
5.0     Approval of Agenda
No modifications were made.
6.0     Meeting Agenda
6.1 A detailed review of Kodak’s comments was conducted.  After a lengthy 
discussion the following occurred:
	-All editorial changes were accepted.
	-Set CD Speed Command will be changed to a 12 byte command with a BBh 
         as the opcode.
	-4 vendor unique bytes were added to the Write parameters mode page.
	-A definition for negative addressing was accepted.(See 6.1.1)

6.1.1 Rick Bohn’s proposal was not accepted. However, Rob Sims accepted 
the responsibility to define a signed address value for the 10 and 12 byte
commands.  After extensive review the next day  the signed address
was bounded appropriately and accepted. 9 for, 0 against, and no abstention. 
Rob handed out the formula and a spread sheet that cacluates the address.

6.2 - Review Rob Sims  (H.P.’s) modifications for Complete Track Size. 
Modifications were accepted.

6.3- Bill McFerrin will write up appropriate changes to the MMC specification
support RID sub channel information that has been defined in Orange Book Part
version 1.0. Bill will present changes on 11/5/96.  On 11/5 a motion was made

by Mike Yokoyama and seconded by  Bill McFerrin that the new definitions for 
RID be moved to MMC II because the specification was new and details were 
being worked out.  The motion passed 8 for, 0 against and 1 abstention. 

6.4 A detailed review of the change bars to MMC Rev 8B dated Oct.20. 
was conducted. Only editorial changes were noted and changes made.
7.0     New Business 
7.1  MMC-2 Proposals
7.2  A review of SFF 8090 revision .9 was conducted items were highlighted
will be included into MMC II.  The following list of commands have some
issues (all other commands are assumed to be identical in both
	Format #
	Flush Cache * ATAPI immediate bit not allowed 
	Get Event Status Notification #
	Mode Select #
	Mode Sense#
	Prevent / Allow Media Removal#
	Read DVD structure*
	Read Formatted Capacities*
	Report Key*
	Send Key*
	Set Read Ahead*
	Verify -# Use SBC with deviations explained.
	Write DVD Structures*
	Start/Stop Unit  and Power management#
	Mode Pages 
		Read/Write Error Recovery #*
		Power Condition Page#
		Feature Set Support and Version Page* and #
		Fault / Failure Reporting Control Page#
		Time-out and Protect#
		Capabilities and Mechanical Status Page* and #
		Mt Fuji has removed the CD Rom page. MMC II should make this page obsolete
				* Cut and Paste
				# Merge Proposal Needed
Bill McFerrin asked Ron Roberts to Cut and Paste the above noted items and 
all other commands not listed into MMC II. The editor should also move the 
following sections into MMC II with the following constraints:
	-Section 4.1.5 Remove time-outs.
	-Section 4.1.6 Reset should be moved to the conventions section of MMC II
	-Section 6 Changer model has been changed to include sided media 
         and delay load.
	-Section 7 Power Management, May go in MMC II annex (see 11.0).
	-Section 8 the packet and event status has yet to be resolved.
	-Section 9 and 10  Commands moved to MMC with the above limits applied.

7.3 Ron Roberts made a motion and Rob Reisch seconded the motion to 
accept the following MMCII schedule:
	Jan 7-8		X3T10  Dallas Tx.
	Jan 28-30	
	Feb 11-13	
	March 11-12 	X3T10
	March 25-27
	April 8-10
	May 6-7		X3T10
	*X3T10 letter ballot vote May 8, 1997.
	X3 first public review July 17, 1997
* Contains DVD-ROM and if available DVD-R, DVD-Ram. If DVD-Ram is 
not available, MMC 3 to contain DVD Ram. X3T10 letter ballot on MMC-3 
will be September 11, 1997.

 The MMC II schedule motion passed , 7 for 1 against.

7.4 The working group unanimous decided to forward MMC rev 9 for 
public review without future processing by X3T10.  Ron Roberts will 
report this at the Plenary 11/7.

8.0     Review of Action Items
	Ron Roberts to begin building MMC II see 7.2.
9.0     Future Meeting Schedule
The next meeting will be January 7 and 8 in Dallas Tx. at Oman Dallas Hotel.
10.0    Adjournment
The meeting adjourned at 3:00 PM November 6.
11.0     At the Joint MMC and SCSI III working group meeting.  
	Power Management, is generic to all SACS devices.
	Event Status notification 

It was agreed that the MMC II annexes can contain the above items.  
The annexes can be used as proposals to the SCSI III working group 
for the next version of SBC or SPC.

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