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Mon Nov 18 15:04:58 PST 1996

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The question was:

>Which value is the correct response in Information byte of 
>Sense Code(5-2100:Illegal Block Address out of Range) ?
>  e.g.  RD ( LBA = n , Len = l ) ; n > max.LBA .
>a)  "n" = LBA in CDB .
>b)  Max. LBA of the device .
>c)  "n" minus Max.LBA

The answer is b). This is most useful to the initiator for learning
what the correct range is, and this detail used to be specified
in SCSI-2. I think that section has been neutered in SCSI-3 so
this detail isn't specified any more.

I suggest looking in the direct access device model section.
That is where the information used to be. Maybe the information
is still there somewhere.
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