SBP-2 Revision 1f Errata

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Sat Nov 16 13:56:51 PST 1996

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John Fuller found the following errors in SBP-2 Revision 1f. Please make the
changes indicated to your copyof the document; they will be incorporated in
the draft recommended for stabilization.

In clause, page 31, in the paragraph immediately below figure 18, the
phrase that reads "... Serial Bus block write request ..." should be replaced
with "... Serial Bus block read request ...".

In clause 5.2, page 39, insert the following paragraph so that is is the
fifth paragrgaph on the page:

   "In all page table elements, the sum of segment_length
    and segment_offset shall be less than or equal to
    2 ** page_size+8."

On the same page, below what is now the the sixth paragraph, in column one of
the table, Elements, the row labels that currently read "0", "1" and "2 -
n-1" should be replaced by new labels of "0", "1 - n-2" and "n-1",

The page and relative position references are from the PDF file available at
the X3T10 web site,


Peter Johansson

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