Termination issues

Steve Schroeder zamdrist at pconline.com
Thu Nov 14 20:55:50 PST 1996

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I'm kinds, sorta new to SCSI periphials yet I work with it everyday in
my job.

Generally speaking is it normal for a device to be accesible if it is
incorrectly terminated? I've seen devices, cd-r external for example
be accesible with termination and without. Is this normal?

I recently started a project that involved burning several hundered
cd-roms. I found out that about every 3rd or 5th cd was bad. My
manager is believes that this is a termination issue. I can't get over
the idea that if my scsi bus is incorrectly terminated that I wont
have access to the periphial anyways. Any clues or help here?
The reason I think the cd-r falls within the termination bus is that
the hard-drive is scsi and terminated by default. Thanks in advance.
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