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Mon Nov 11 21:17:18 PST 1996

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A PDF file of SBP-2 Revision 1e is available at the X3T10 FTP site,, for your download

Revision 1e was reviewed today by the SBP-2 ad hoc working group, meeting in
Irvine, CA.

A number of minor changes were found and a Revision 1f is expected to be
available shortly.

We plan to conduct a straw poll, by EMail (over the course of two weeks from
the first availability of the draft), on the stability of Revision 1f with
respect to the non-isochronous sections.

If the ad hoc working group considers the document stable in those sections,
the plan is to present the revision to the X3T10 Plenary in January for a
formal stabilization vote.

Peter Johansson
X3T10 Technical Editor, SBP-2

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