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Fri Nov 1 09:10:37 PST 1996

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Hi Bob,

Great job of paraphrasing our teleconference.
I couldn't have worded it any better.

You included the following text and, no big deal but, I think "SU.18/29"
should be "SU.18/19", and "SU.131" should be "SY.131".

>I believe that these should be added to the technical corrections of
>SES, as extensions to the following problem numbers:
> SU.21 (referencing section 4.1.5, clarifying INVOP)
> SU.18/29 (referencing section 4.1.1 and 4.1.2, clarifying model)
> SU.131 (referencing 6.1.7, but corrected in section 4.1.6)
> SY.43 (referencing the reserved values in the diagnostic page codes)
> but documented as separate comments identified during the
> editorial process for convenience.

Best regards,
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