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Thu May 16 16:26:52 PDT 1996

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The following SCSI supplier list will be posted at the SCSI Trade 
Association's booth at Dataquest Storagetrack '96 in Monterey,CA 
(June 26-27).  Please take a moment to review this listing.  If 
there are any errors or vendors/categories that have been left out please 
let me know by tomorrow at 4:00pm PST.  I will be happy to 
revise this listing but I need the information by then in order to make 
our deadline.  

Bus Analyzers:  Verisys

Cable:  Amphenol Spectra Strip, Hitachi, Temp-Flex

Cable Assemblies:  Volex, Harbor, Amphenol Interconnect

Connectors:  Circuit Assembly Corp., Molex, AMP, Fujitsu, Honda, 
Harting, T&B Ansley

Differential Transceivers:  TI

Enclosures:  Trimm, Unisys

HDDs:  Conner, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, Micropolis, Quantum, Seagate

Host Adaptor Silicon:  Adaptec, Q Logic, Symbios Logic, Western 

Host Systems:  Micon

Host Adaptors:  Adaptec, Advanced Storage Concepts, Bus Logic, 
CMD, DPT, Mylex, Q Logic, Western Digital

Subsystems:  Ciprico, Micropolis

Tapes:  Quantum

Target Controller Silicon:  Adaptec, Q Logic, Symbios Logic, 
Western Digital

Terminators:  Burr-Brown, Dallas Semiconductor, Linfinity 
Microelectronics, Unitrode

Again, any help I can get to fill this list out will be greatly 

Kindest Regards,

Sheri Spiegel
Circuit Assembly Corp. (CA)
(714) 855-7887 ext. 233
sheris at

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