Problem of MGA Card and NCR SP 810

Thu May 16 08:18:56 PDT 1996

* From the SCSI Reflector, posted by:
* "FONG, BENJAMIN" <bfong at>
Recently I had upgrade my system with the MGA Millennium PowerDesk MIL/2I
with Bios version 1.9. After I had follow the manual for installation in
Windows 95, the device did not work, the device manager showed conflict in
memory in range 0000A000 - 000AFFF and 000B8000 - 000BFFF, which is used by
a "PCI VGA compatible Display Adapter", but I only got one display card on
board now, there is also no resident program of the last display card
(S3-864) running. The change configuration key was also not active in the
device manager so that I am unable to change the resource location. My
system is a Pentium 90, SOYO PCI board Intel Neptune chip set, 16M RAM,
Award Bios V. 4.50G, NCR SP810 SCSI controller, Sound Blaster 16. I had read
the product specifications from the Internet which stated that the
integrated VGA controller use Interrupt 9, I had tried config the PCI bus
allocating the MGA to IRQ 9, but it still not work, and the device manager
did not report the card using IRQ 9. How should I proceed ? Should I change
the PCI configuration ? If so, what configuration should it be ? Should I
upgrade the Bios ?


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