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Wed May 15 15:23:13 PDT 1996

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Section 7.1.1 of FCP rev 012 states:

  "Each SCSI FCP target shall accept an INQUIRY command to the logical
  unit addressed by the FCP_LUN zero (0000 0000 0000 0000 hexadecimal)."


  "The structure of the FCP_LUN field is not specified by the FCP.  The
  structure is specified by the SCSI device model and may be vendor
  unique for device models that do not have a defined address

After a quick search through the various device model documents (SPC,
SBC, SCC, etc) it appears that only SCC defines a structure for FCP_LUN.

Is this correct or have I missed something somewhere?

If this is true, can I draw the conclusion that there is no standard way
to address non-zero FCP LUN's other than through an SCC device model?

Is there a non-standard yet commonly supported (i.e. defacto) way to
address non-zero FCP LUN's for other device models?


Mike Jacobson
mikej at boi.hp.com

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