Minutes of May 1996 MMC working group

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X3, Information Processing Systems
Doc. No.    X3T10/96-184R0.doc
Date:	 May  14, 1996
Project:     X3T10-1048D
Ref. Doc.:  X3T10/94-057
Reply to:   R. Roberts

To:	Membership of X3T10
From:	R. Reisch/R. Roberts
Subject:	Minutes of X3T10 MMC  Working Group - May 7 & 8, 1996

1.0 	Opening Remarks
2.0 	Introductions
3.0 	Document Distribution
4.0	Call for Patents
5.0	Approval of Agenda
6.0 	Meeting Agenda
        6.1  Page by page review of MMC-R6
7.0	New Business
8.0	Review of Action Items
9.0	Future Meeting Schedule
10.0	Adjournment
1.0 	Opening Remarks
R. Roberts called the meeting to order at 9 AM on Tuesday 5/7/96.
 He thanked Norm Harris of Adaptec for hosting the meetings. Ron 
asked Mr. Rob Reisch of Kodak act as recording secretary for the meetings.
2.0 	Introductions
Introductions of attendees were made and a sign-up sheet was
 passed around. List of attendees is attached.
3.0 	Document Distribution
Revision 6.0. both hard copies and electronic copies of the document 
were distributed to attendees. 
4.0	Call for Patents
The normal request for patent disclosures was made. No patents 
were identified.
5.0	Approval of Agenda
The agenda was approved as presented
6.0	Meeting Agenda
6.1	Page by page review of MMC-R6  
The review of the document on a page by page had the following 
items identified to be changed or investigated:
- R. Roberts presented changes (mostly editorial) to be incorporated
 into Rev 7. He also presented comments from C. Brown to be incorporated
 into Rev 7. Comments were accepted for inclusion in next rev.
- M. Morizumi presented comments from Yamaha Corp. All comments 
were accepted with minor revisions.
- The working group reviewed the complete document on Tuesday. On 
Wednesday they reviewed and revised the ISRC Tables and definitions, 
also reviewed and revised the READ TOC/PMA/ATIP command. The command 
and responses are now agreed to by all members.
- A straw poll was taken to determine if the working group should
 recommend forwarding for first public review by T10 members. The vote 
was 4 yes and 7 no. It was felt that because of the number changes to be
 incorporated by the mailing date that the working group should review the 
document again before forwarding. R. Roberts to present results to X3T10 
plenary on Thursday.
- The schedule for forwarding the document will now be to request a Plenary 
vote for forwarding at the July meetings.
7.0	New Business -  No new business
8.0	Review of Action Items
	1. R. Roberts to present straw poll results to plenary.
	2. R. Roberts to incorporate changes into REV 7 for distribution on 5/17
9.0	Future Meeting Schedule 
The June meetings of the working group will be held in Irvine, CA hosted by
 WESTERN DIGITAL at their facility, Monday through Wednesday, 
June 17, 18, 19, 1996. The working group requested that the joint meeting 
with X3T13 be canceled.
The July meetings will be in Colorado Springs, CO July 16 & 17, 1996, 
hosted by Symbios.
10.0	Adjournment
The meeting adjourned at 5:00 PM on May 8th.

For changes or additions to the minutes contact:
Ron Roberts     SIERRA-Pac Technology
PO Box 2389   Shingle Springs, CA  95682
Ph  916-677-5714        Fax  916-677-1218
e-mail:   rkroberts at aol.com

 Name 	S  	Organization	Email Address
Mr. Ron Roberts 	A             Apple Computer  	rkroberts at aol.com
Mr. Robert Reisch 	P	Eastman Kodak Co. reisch at kodak.com
Mr. J. R. Sims 	A	Hewlett Packard Co. robsims at depeche.lvld.hp.com
Mr. Neil Sugie  	V	Mitsumi	n_sugie at alphap.com
Mr. Anthony E. Pione     P	Oak Technology, Inc   AnthonyP at oaktech.com
Dr. Akira James Miura   A	Panasonic Technologies, Inc	
miura at tadw.research.panasonic.com
Mr. David A. Pohm  	A   Philips KMG 	dapohm at aol.com 
Mr. Hirokuni Hashimoto  V	RICOH 	hash at shinyoko.ricoh.co.jp
Mr. Mike Yokoyama	V  Sony	masayuki at cppc.sel.sony.com
Mr. Devon Worrell 	A#  Western Digital Corporation 	worrell at dt.wdc.com
Mr. Carl Bonke 	O  Western Digital Corporation 	bonke at dt.wdc.com
Mr. Jonathan L. Hanmann O	Western Digital Corporation 	hanmann_j at a1.wdc.com 
Mr. Masa Morizumi 	V  Yamaha Systems Technology 	mmorizumi at yamaha.com
13 People Present

Status Key:  P    -  Principal
             A,A# -  Alternate
             O    -  Observer
             L    -  Liaison
             V    -  Visitor

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