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> I believe it was debated that the task of the SIM to map physical interface 
> characteristics to a peripheral driver. The SIMs could be wildly different 
> and the Peripheral Drivers could be wildly different and as long as the user 
> software worked, the objective was achieved. 
> I would restate your line to read 'one of the original objectives of SCSI-3 
> was the transparency of the physical interconnect to the application.' 
This sounds like a problem for the CAM-3 working group. I haven't
heard too much activity from them lately but this sounds like a good chance
for them to evangelize (as Peter mentioned) and get some new participants.

> Dal
> P.S. Do I have to be careful to avoid opening boxes wrapped in brown paper 
>rry      that are postmarked as being from New England? 

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