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X3, Information Processing Systems
Doc. No.    X3T10/96-153R0.doc
Date:	     March 18, 1996
Project:     X3T10-1048D	
Ref. Doc.:  X3T10/94-057
Reply to:   R. Roberts

To:		Membership of X3T10
From:	R. Reisch/R. Roberts
Subject:	Minutes of X3T10 MMC  Working Group - March 12 & 13, 1996

1.0 	Opening Remarks
2.0 	Introductions
3.0 	Document Distribution
4.0	Call for Patents
5.0	Approval of Agenda
6.0 	Meeting Agenda
        6.1  Page by page review of MMC-R4
7.0	New Business
8.0	Review of Action Items
9.0	Future Meeting Schedule
10.0	Adjournment
1.0 Opening Remarks
R. Roberts called the meeting to order at 9 AM on Tuesday 3/12/96.
He thanked Skip Jones for hosting the meetings. Ron asked Mr. Rob 
Reisch of Kodak act as recording secretary for the meetings.
2.0 	Introductions
Introductions of attendees were made and a sign-up sheet was passed 
around. List of attendees is attached.
3.0 	Document Distribution
Revision 4.0 of the document was distributed to attendees. Mr. Neil Sugie,
of Alpha Peripherals, also distributed the  ATAPI CD-R/E command set  
4.0	Call for Patents
The normal request for patent disclosures was made. No patents were
5.0	Approval of Agenda
The agenda was approved as presented
6.0 	Meeting Agenda
6.1  Page by page review of MMC-R4  
The review of the document on a page by page had the following items
identified to be changed or investigated:
- Rob Reisch to re-write the blank verify (BLKVFG) paragraph on page 8.
- Does SAM define the CD Ready/Not Ready condition? If SAM defines 
  ready/not ready remove section 4.1.4 of MMC. Note if the section does
  want to add ATAPI table 26 to this section. 
- CD-R mandatory optional commands added to MMC spec and post on
 the reflector.
 - Section 4.1.6 sensing support for CD audio command. This section must be 
 - Section 4.2.1 updated from current ATAPI version 2.6 dated January 26,
  Load/UnLoad requires the model section in MMC. Devin Worrell to supply
  with copy.
 - The read sub-channel command, MMC section 4.2.12, requires an explanation 
  for what address is returned for the HOLD TRACK STATE.
 - Bill McFerrin will provide a proposal for changes to MMC section 4.2.4
  Audio (10). His proposal will address errors for immediate bit set or not
- Editor: in section 4.2 put a basic boiler plate statement that says there
are no deferred errors when the immediate bit is set.
 - Editor: move MMC table 13 and 14 to annex ?. MMC pages 22 & 23 add a
reference to
  the annex where the table 13 and 14 will now be located.
- Editor: Play CD Command page 26 & 27 add tables and additional words 
|from ATAPI command version 2.5 or 2.6.
 -In ATAPI 2.6 CD ROM sector formats figure 11 move to MMC document.
 - Editor: MMC table 26 needs to be updated with ATAPI 2.6 table 99. Add 
 asterisk to the shaded lines of table 99 in MMC document plus additional 
 words. Put on the the reflector for review.
 - Table 28 page 33 MMC open table up so that three vertical dots are added
  between Cell 1 and Cell 588.
 - MMC table 30 page 34 define bits 7 and 6 as undefined
- MMC page 38 remove the note bottom page
- Read CD Recorded Capacity page 38 section 4.2.10
        - Rob Simms to provide description paragraph
        - PMI bit must be set to zero only
        - Remove +/- 75sector tolerance
        - Page 39, To Read CD Recorded capacity data format in table 34
          add a paragraph that describes block length valid values are 2048
          and 512. Note 512 is a valid legacy value for MSF reporting see 
          subclause 4.1.5.
 - In 4.1.5 if you are using 512 this section does not apply. Add the
 following statment:
       	Note: For logical block size of 512 bytes the MSF address returned is
        for the physical block containing the specified logical block.

- MMC page 41 table 37 CD Data Mode Field
 	- Add a new section ?.?.? to the document for CD ROM Sector Formats. 
         Add Figure 11, CD-ROM sector Formats from ATAPI CD Rom
 	- In MMC table 37 CD Data Mode Field Contents make following changes:
        CD DATA MODE               CD ROM Sector Formats
            00h	                     CD Digital Audio
            01h	                     Yellow Book Mode 1
            02h	                     Yellow Book Mode 2
          03h-FFh	             Reserved
 Bottom of table 37 add a note to see table ?? (in new section ?.?.?) for CD
  sector format details.
 - EDITOR: Figure 11 from ATAPI spec needs a definition for Mode 0 data
  Rob Reisch to FAX data to be used for definitions.
- MMC page 43, Read Sub-Channel command. Bill McFerrin will rewrite this
 command and post on the reflector. Changes will have the following content:
	- table 50 raw data format like table 96 ISRC format
	- No differed errors
	- Audio status codes will be cleared up
	- ADR Sub-Channel Q field expanded
	- Fix track Number text catalogue only remove OPC & bar Code.
 - MMC Table 142 needs to be the same as MMC,table 96. The same format for
 must be used.
 - MMC page 51 section 4.2.13, Read TOC/PMA Command:
        - change Read TOC/PMA to READ TOC/PMA/ATIP
        - see editor notes for changes to table 51 and 52. Table 52 
          READ TOC/PMA/ATIP.
 -MMC page 52 definition of first and last track number per the editor's
  Also, remove note about first track number.
- Add ATAPI 2.6 table 26 NOT READY ERROR REPORTING table to MMC
4.1.4. Note table 26 has to be expanded to section 3 write commands. 
Need additional information for CD ROM and CD-R/E
- MMC page 53 table 54 READ TOC/PMA/ATIP (Format = 01000). Change
 table back to ATAPI format
- MMC page 54 table 55 must be expanded into 2 tables. Use table 128 
and 129 ATAPI page 122 for format 1000b and associated words between 
the tables. Table 55 is to be used for format 1100b. Modify headers.
- MMC page 54 table 55 modify header table 55 for format 1100b:
	Byte 0-Table 54 information
	Byte 1-Table 54 information
	Byte 2-Table 54 information
	Byte 3-Table 54 information
	* format 1000b, full TOC, add that only one of the 3 copies is reported
	* format 1100b, PMA, add that only one of the 5 copies is reported
- MMC page 55 table 56 add proposed definition of the table

7.0	New Business -  No new business
8.0	Review of Action Items
9.0	Future Meeting Schedule 
The next meeting of the working group will be held in the BAY AREA on
 Monday April 22,23 & 24, 1996. Location and conference room will be 
posted later. The meeting on Wednesday 4/24 will be a joint meeting with
 X3T13 at the Holiday Inn in Milpitas
The May meetings will be in Ft Lauderdale, FL  May 7 & 8. This X3T10
 week hosted by Adaptec.
10.0	Adjournment
The meeting adjourned at 5:15 PM on March 13th.

For changes or additions to the minutes contact:
Ron Roberts     SIERRA-Pac Technology
PO Box 2389   Shingle Springs, CA  95682
Ph  916-677-5714        Fax  916-677-1218
e-mail:   rkroberts at aol.com
	Name	S	Organization	Electronic Mail Address
Mr. Kent Manabe	O	Amer Kotabuki Elec Ind,	102511.1602 at compuserve.com
Mr. Ron Roberts	A	Apple Computer	rkroberts at aol.com
Mr. Chris Brown	O	Apple Computer	brown.c at applelink.apple.com
Mr. Robert Reisch	P	Eastman Kodak Co.	reisch at sector.kodak.com
Mr. J. R. Sims	A	Hewlett Packard Co.	robsims at depeche.lvld.hp.com
Mr. Jeff Kishida	O	JVC Information Products	75022.3003 at compuserve.com
Mr. Neil Sugie	V	Mitsumi	n_sugie at alphap.com
Mr. Makoto KohamaV	MITSUMI
Mr. Peter Gossler	O	NSM Jukebox GmbH	PeterGossler at nsm.com
Mr. Bill McFerrin	O	Philips KMG	BMcFerrin at aol.com
Mr. Hirokuni Hashimoto V	RICOH	hash at shinyoko.ricoh.co.jp
Mr. Mike Yokoyama	O	Sony Electronics, Inc.	yokoyama at dss.sel.sony.com
Mr. Tokuyuki Totani	P	Toshiba America	totani at tix.netcom.com
Mr. Devon Worrell	A# 	Western Digital Corp	worrell at dt.wdc.com
Mr. Masa Morizumi	V	Yamaha Systems Technology	mmorizumi at yamaha.com

15 People Present
Status Key:  P    -  Principal
             A,A# -  Alternate
             O    -  Observer
             L    -  Liaison
             V    -  Visitor

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