Minutes of X3T10 SCSI Working Group Meeting - 3/12-13/96

Lohmeyer, John JLOHMEYE at cosmpdaero.co.symbios.com
Thu Mar 21 15:35:00 PST 1996

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Gene wrote:
>* From the SCSI Reflector, posted by:
>* Gene Milligan <Gene_Milligan at notes.seagate.com>
>I just noticed from the minutes that my proposal for the additional log 
>for was accepted after all:
>>      6.7   Informational Exceptions Log Page [Milligan]
>>Gene Milligan presented a proposal for a new log page.  The group noted
>>that the proposed page code was in the vendor-specific range and agreed to
>>allow continued use in the vendor-specific form.  The group rejected
>>changing the SCSI standard.
> The key point here is that the group "agreed to allow continued use in the 

>vendor-specific form. " The allegation that the page code was 
>by the group was incorrect. The proposal assumed, if accepted, the use of a 

>reserved code. Page code 2Fh is presently a reserved code not a vendor
>code. See Table 82.

I have prepared different wording for revision 1 of the minutes that I think 
comes closer to documenting the working group's reaction to this proposal:

"Gene Milligan presented a proposal for a new log page.  The group observed
that there was no apparent need for the new log page as the data could be
retrieved by other means.  Gene mentioned that the proposed log page would
enable working around a software bug in a recent operating system.  The
group had little desire to modify a standard when the software could be
fixed instead.  The group rejected the proposal."


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