Additions to ESI working group action items.

Bob Snively Bob.Snively at Eng.Sun.COM
Fri Mar 8 08:48:56 PST 1996

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To:		Distribution

From:		Bob Snively

Date:		March 8, 1996

Subject:	Additional inputs to the ESI process

Using the technical content of the minutes of the ESI adhoc
meeting, new inputs and modifications that have been suggested and
sound reasonable are interspersed in the proper place.

Those new inputs and modifications that have been suggested, but 
require significant consideration, are placed at the end in the
"issues to be considered" section.

Contributions have been received from:

	AMalik at


17)	A Malik of Adaptec has suggested the possibility of 
	installing a "communication element", which would enable
	and disable and provide status for ethernet and serial 
	port interconnects.

18)	Giles Frazier of IBM indicates that there is no reference
	between the elements and the physical configuration within
	the system.  It was implicit that this is related to the
	element ordering in the list, but this will now be made

>1)	New Element Definitions
>	Global Element
>		Sets global indicators to four levels of warning/failure.
>	Language Element
>		Language
>		Character Encoding
>	Voltage Sensor Element
>		Over Voltage
>		Under Voltage
>		Actual Voltage (16 bits, millivolts, 2's complement)
>	Current Sensor Element
>		Over Current
>		Under Current?
>			(Note that no well designed box will fail
>			in the presence of an undercurrent.)
>		Actual Current (16 bits, milliamps, 2's complement)
>	SCSI Target Port Element
>	SCSI Initiator Port Element

	Communications Port Element

Issues to be resolved:

1)	A Malik of Adaptec has suggested that a MIB/MIF be defined for
	for enclosure services so that comparable function can also
	be performed across a network interface.  While this is an
	interesting idea, and while the content of a MIB should certainly
	be a correct reflection of the ESI information, that
	was not the intent of this particular project and should
	be considered as a separate project. 

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