Setting Power Condition with Start/Stop Unit Command

Gerry Houlder Gerry_Houlder at
Fri Mar 1 09:55:45 PST 1996

* From the SCSI Reflector, posted by:
* Gerry Houlder <Gerry_Houlder at>
George's recommended editorial changes read (in part):
>     and add the following after the first abc list:
>    "If the START/STOP UNIT command is issued with the Power Conditions
>    field set to 5 the logical unit shall:
>    a) change power conditions only on receipt of a hard reset
>    b) suspend any Power Condition timers that are active on receipt
>    of the START/STOP UNIT command until a hard reset occurs
>    c) not respond to a selection service until a hard reset occurs."

I understand he included item (a) so the list looks like the three items in the
previous list, but a reading of items (b) and (c) alone is sufficient to specify
that the power condition (or anything else) cannot change until a hard
reset occurs. I suggest that item (a) can be deleted and the other two items
re-lettered as (a) and (b).

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