Agenda, July MMC Working Group, 7/16-7/17

Thu Jun 27 13:42:15 PDT 1996

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                                      X3T10  TECHNICAL COMMITTEE  
                                         WORKING GROUP AGENDA  


                                                     JULY 16, 17, 1996 
                                               COLORADO SPRINGS, CO

The next meeting of the MMC Working group will be held in Colorado Springs,
 on June 17 thrugh 19, 1996, during the X3T10 Week.

LOCATION:    Red Lion Hotel
             1775 E. Cheyenne Mountain Blvd.
             Colorado Springs, Colorado 80906
             Phone: (719) 576-8900  Fax: (719) 576-4450

See driving directions below.

This meeting has been authorized by X3T10 and will be conducted 
under the X3 rules.  Ad hoc meetings take no final actions, but prepare
 recommendations for approval by the X3T10 task group.  The voting  
rules for the meeting are those of the parent committee, X3T10.  For the 
ad hoc, other than straw votes, the voting rules are:  one vote per 
participating company. 

The minutes of this meeting will be posted to the X3T10 BBS, the SCSI
Reflector,  the MMC Reflector and will be included in the next X3T10 
committee mailing.

Attendance at working group meetings does not count toward minimum 
attendance requirements for X3T10 membership.  Working group meetings
 are open to any person or company to attend and to express their opinion  
on the subjects being discussed.
    1.0      Openning Remarks
    2.0      Introductions
    3.0      Document Distribution
    4.0      Call for Patents
    5.0      Approval of Agenda
    6.0      Meeting Agenda
         6.1 - Format Unit command	   
         6.2 - Automatic repair track feature
         6.3 - ASC/ASCR
         6.4 - Review of MMC rev 7F
    7.0      New Business
    8.0      Review of Action Items
    9.0      Future Meeting Schedule
    10.0    Adjournment

The current plan is review Rev 7.0F, incorporate any changes, electronically,

into Rev 8 to be presented to the PLENARY for forwarding on Thursday 7/18.
Rev 7.0F to be posted on the Symbios FTP site next week after I recieve all 
remaining (known) changes. Hard copies of 7.0F will be at the meeting.

 PO BOX 2389     Shingle Springs,   CA
Ph (916) 677-5714       Fax (916) 677-1218                  
email:   rkroberts at


The Red Lion Hotel is located on the South side of Colorado Springs at I-25
(exit 138) and Circle Drive.  A courtesy van is available from the Colorado
Springs airport; call the hotel from the courtesy phone in baggage claim.

>From the Colorado Springs airport, exit the airport (on Drennan Rd.) and
proceed West (toward the Mountains) to Academy Blvd.  Turn left onto
Academy Blvd. and proceed to I-25. Take I-25 North to the first exit
(Circle Dr. exit 138).  Turn left onto Circle.  Then take the SECOND left
onto Cheyenne Mountain Blvd.

If you elect to drive from the Denver International Airport (airfares are
generally MUCH higher to Denver), exit the airport on Pena Blvd. and take   
70 West (about 2 miles) to I-225 South.  Follow I-225 South around Denver
(about 12 miles) to I-25.  Follow I-25 South about 62 miles to Circle Dr.
(exit 138).  Turn right, then immediately left onto Cheyenne Mountain   

Weather:  Expect sunny warm days with cool evenings.  A light jacket is a
good idea if you plan to go up into the mountains.

HOST CONTACT:John Lohmeyer (719-533-7560)
                  internet: John.lohmeyer at

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