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The purpose of this posting is to make you aware of the SCSI serial
concerns reflector and web page.

The purpose of the reflector and web page is for an open discussion of
the issues and concerns (real and imagined) that software developers
have with the SCSI serial channels.  The intention of this group is to
roll the results out to the appropriate standards bodies, and not to
create a parallel, de facto standards group in itself.  The reflector
is open to all interested parties and all comments and postings are

The serial concerns reflector is hosted by Digital Equipment
Corporation and you can automatically joint the reflector by sending
mail to the Majordomo account:

majordomo at

The body of your mail message will need the following line:

subscribe serial_concerns

When posting to the serial concerns reflector, mail your posting

serial_concerns at

The web site is being hosted by Hewlett-Packard Corporation but is
currently under construction at this time.  An announcement will be
posted to the serial concerns reflector when the site is on-line.

Bill Dallas
Digital Equipment Corporation

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