What about 7/15 serial concerns meeting?

scheible at vnet.ibm.com scheible at vnet.ibm.com
Tue Jun 25 20:55:30 PDT 1996

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Sorry for duplication, sent over Serial Concerns and X3T10 reflectors.

   Since the Serial Concerns teleconference will not be held until 7/12 (Fri)
and the X3T10 Serial Concerns meeting will be held 7/15 (Mon), I ask...
"What is the agenda of the 7/15 Serial Concerns meeting at X3T10 week?"
(i.e. Do I need to plan to attend?).

   I plan to address my concern about third party Release(6) and Reserve(6) not
working on serial interfaces by asking that they become optional in SPC and
SBC.  When I get back from travelling, I will check to see if others are also

   When I get time, I plan to address the GPP questions via the reflector.

   This leaves me wondering what will be covered 7/15.

John Scheible
scheible at vnet.ibm.com

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