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At the last SPI-2 Working Group meeting I was given an action item to ask   
the SCSI Trade Association about several marketing issues.  I was given   
about an hour at the STA meeting on June 14th to discuss these issues.   
 Here is my summary of the STA advice to X3T10:

  STA Feedback to X3T10 regarding issues raised by the June '96
  SPI-2 Working Group

  1. Documentation Strategy

  STA unanimously voted to recommend the following documentation

   a) Expedite the completion of the current SPI-2 document
      (LVD, SCA-2, VHDCI) and target forwarding by the end
      of the year.

   b) Concurrently, develop the SUPR document with a target
      of forwarding it in 1997.  Do not let SPI-2 delay the
      development of SUPR.

  2. When to document Fast-80?

  STA voted 13-2 to recommend that X3T10 document Fast-80 as
  part of the SUPR project.  X3T10 should do the Fast-80
  testing now to insure future compatibility, but defer
  documenting Fast-80 until SUPR to avoid market confusion.
  (I believe the two no votes came from people that preferred
  to document Fast-80 now, in SPI-2.)

  3. When to migrate to an encoded SCSI?

  The topic was discussed, but no conclusions were reached
  at this time.  It was generally felt that encoded SCSI
  would come after Ultra3 (Fast-80).

  4. Hot Plugging LVD.  Is case 4 necesssary?

  Case 4 certainly would be nice to have, but it is not
  absolutely necessary.  The serial interfaces do not
  really have case 4 either; they are actually similar
  to case 2.

  Retaining HVD (Skip prefers to call this SVD), may be
  a way to retain case 4 for those customers that will
  not give it up.

  STA needs to be prepared to educate people if the lack
  of case 4 becomes market issue.

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