tape meeting at T10 in July, Colorado Springs

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Wed Jun 19 12:46:49 PDT 1996

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At the T11 Fibre Channel meeting last week there was some additional
discussion on how tape drives should be used in Fibre Channel environments.
The discussion was based on notes I took at the T10 SSC meeting in May,
and for the most part there was agreement with what had been decided
at that time. However, there were several remaining points of interest,
including one (use of Class 2 for tapes in FC-AL) that was quite controversial.

I expect that this discussion will continue at the SSC meeting in July.
At this point it looks like I won't be able to attend this meeting, but
hopefully someone there will make an effort to take some "neutral" notes
and post them to the various reflectors for additional discussion.

To clarify, the goal I would like to reach is to have wording in the
PLDA (Private Loop Device Attach) profile that reflects a useful and
comprehensive understanding of how tapes are to be used when attached
to FC-AL systems.

Doug Hagerman
Digital Equipment.

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