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X3, Information Processing Systems
Doc. No.    X3T10/96-193R0
Date:	     November 8, 1995
Project:     X3T10-1048D	
Ref. Doc.:  X3T10/94-057
Reply to:   R. Roberts

To:		Membership of X3T10
From:	R. Reisch/R. Roberts
Subject:	Minutes of X3T10 MMC  Working Group - July 16,17, 1996

1.0      Opening Remarks
2.0      Introductions
3.0      Document Distribution
4.0      Call for Patents
5.0      Approval of Agenda
6.0      Meeting Agenda
        6.1 - Review Mike Yokoyama (SONY) comments to Rev 7.0G.
        6.2 - Review John Hanmann (Western Digital ) comments.
        6.3 - Reviewed Tony Pione (Oak Technology) comments. 
        6.4 - Reviewed Masa Morizumi (Yamaha) comments.
        6.5 - Reviewed Rob Sims (HP) comments.
        6.6 - Reviewed Ricoh's comments.
        6.7 - Yamaha presented two pages of additional comments.
        6.8 - Mike Yokoyama presented Ricoh's comments Blank command.
        6.9 - Reviewed change bars in rev 7.0H
7.0      New Business
8.0      Review of Action Items
9.0      Future Meeting Schedule
10.0     Adjournment

1.0     Opening Remarks
R. Roberts called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM on Tuesday 7/16/96. 
He thanked Symbios for hosting the meetings. Ron asked Mr. Rob Reisch of 
Kodak to act as recording secretary for the meetings.
2.0     Introductions/Attendance
Introductions of attendees were made and a sign-up sheet was distributed. 
List of attendees is attached.
3.0     Document Distribution
Philips distributed Revision  7.0G both hard copies and electronic copies of
document were distributed to attendees. Copies of comments from Mike Yokoyama

(SONY) distributed copies of comments from SONY and RICOH. 
Ron Roberts distributed a copy of the new project proposal for MMC-2.
Ron explained his plan to incorporate all new comments into rev 8.0 that will
presented at the Plenary Meeting Thursday 7/18/96.
4.0     Call for Patents
The normal request for patent disclosures was made. No patents were
5.0     Approval of Agenda
No modifications were made.
6.0     Meeting Agenda
	6.1     Review Mike Yokoyama (SONY) comments to Rev 7.0G.
	6.1.1   First byte in Table 63 was added. The first byte is the same as 
                   byte 4 of table 62.
	6.1.2   Agreed to remove default Write type as track at Once. This was the 
                   only default parameter specified.
	6.1.3   Open issue, E-mail to Ricoh. 
	6.1.4   Modified read buffer capacity by deleting "only" and adding TAO is 
                   an option. The modifications were accepted.
	6.1.5   Accepted the use of the error code defined 02/04/04  as  "in the 
                   process of becoming ready, writing." for all commands.
	6.1.6   Same as 5.0 accepted.
	6.1.7   Same as 5.0 accepted.
	6.1.8   Accepted with the following modifications. "If this is a partially 
                  recorded recorded reserved track or an empty reserved
track, the 
                   drive shall pad the track."
	6.1.9   Accepted with no modifications.
	6.1.10  Accepted with minor editorial changes.
	6.1.11  Modified the proposal to clarify that the FP bit is for the result
                    from the Read Track Info command. Also, the free blocks
field shall 
                    report a value assuming variable packets. Accepted with
                    modifications: "When RT, Blank and Packet flags are set
to one, FP flag 
                   of a real Track Information result data is set to zero."
After table 139 add
		    following sentence: "If this track is the first track of a session the 
                    session at once recording is allowed."
	6.1.12  Add to table 139 the following bit definitions:
		 RT. Blank. Packet.
		 0.       0.       0        Can't write to stamped disc or during track at
                                               on invisible track or writing
session at once mode.
	 	 1.       0.       0        Can't write to recorded track or during Track
                                               Once on reserved track.
	6.1.13  Modified the change to table 140 as follows:    
                    Value       Definition   " Fh        Data block type is
Track Descriptor Block)"
	6.1.14  Add table ??? Track Status Indications, with the following content:
	RT    Blank  Packet  FP      Write Method                   Track Status
	  0        0        0         -       Uninterrupted TAO SAO   Complete
during TAO/SAO 
	  0        0        1         0      Variable
	  0        0        1         1      Fixed
	  0        1        0         -       TAO/Variable/Fixed(*)      Invisible
	  0        1        1         0       -
	  0        1        1         1       -
	  1        0        0         -       TAO
                               Complete/During TAO
	  1        0        1         0      Variable            Complete/ Partially
recorded Reserve
	  1        0        1         1      Fixed               Complete/ Partially
recorded Reserve
	  1        1        1         -       TAO
                               Empty Reserved 
	  1        1        1         0      Variable/Fixed                  Empty
	  1        1        1         1       -
	 * In case last session is empty, SAO is also valid.
	6.1.15  Page 121 Table 141 Next Writable Address Definition 
                    Delete "This address is dependent upon the setting of
                    In Table 141."  Add    "Next Writable Address is
independent upon 
                    the setting of Write Type in Write Parameters Mode page.
 It shall be 
                    associated with the RT, Blank, Packet and FP flags as
defined in 
                    Table XXX".

Table XXX: Next Writable Address 
RT + Blank + Packet + FP + NWA_V  +  definition of Next Writable Address

 0        0        0            -       0(*4)         LBA that shall be
specified by next write command(*2)
 0        0        1           0       1(*1)        LBA that shall be
specified by next write command(*2)
 0        0        1           1       1(*1)        LBA that shall be
specified by next write command(*2)(*3)
 0        1        0            -       1              LBA of the first data
block after pre-gap
 0        1        1           0        -                   -
 0        1        1           1        -                   -
 1        0        0            -       0(*4)        LBA that shall be
specified by next write command(*2)
 1        0        1           0       1(*1)        LBA that shall be
specified by next write command(*2)
 1        0        1           1       1(*1)        LBA that shall be
specified by next write command(*2)(*3)
 1        1        0            -       1              LBA of the first data
block after pre-gap
 1        1        1           0       1              LBA of the first data
block after pre-gap
 1        1        1           1        -                   -
    *1: When "Free Blocks" is 0 (data full), NWA_V is 0.
    *2: NWA shall be taken account of data blocks in buffer that has not yet
         written to media.  If the drive can write the data of next write
         without interrupting of current data streaming (no underrun
condition), NWA 
         shall be contiguous to last address data in buffer. If WCE in Mode
Cache Page 
         is zero, NWA shall be taken account of Link Blocks (2 Run-out
blocks, 1 
         Link block and 4 Run-out blocks) in case of Addressing Method-1. 
    *3: NWA shall follow the Addressing Method-2 if Method-2 flag in Mode CD 
         Capabilities and Mechanical Status Page is set to one. 
    *4: During TAO (SAO), NWA_V is 1.
	6.1.17  Page 123 the 2nd paragraph from the bottom. The paragraph will 
         be changed:  "Reserving shall be allowed when the track is
invisible.  Attempting 
         to reserve an existing incomplete track shall cause a CHECK
CONDITION status, 
	6.1.18  Page 123 "If the reserved size is smaller than 4 seconds excluding 
        pregap length , drive shall return a CHECK CONDITION STATUS and the
sense is 
        set to a sense key of 05, ASC of 24 and a ASCQ of 00, Invalid field
in CDB.
	6.1.19  Page 136, six paragraph second sentence to the following:  "In case
        WCE=1(Write Cache Page) and FUA=0 with variable packet writing, if
the LBA is 
        equal to the Next Writable Address in the same track as a previous
Write, writing 
        should continue without interruption of 	streaming."
	6.1.20  Page 137, make the following changes to item 4 READ TRACK INFO:  "4)
        READ TRACK INFO (for current track). If the LBA specified is not
within the current 
        track, the drive may return a CHECK CONDITION Status with the sense
data set to a 
        key of 05, ASC of 24 and ASCQ of 00, Invalid field in CDB”
	6.1.21  Page 155 change Invisible Area  to Invisible Track. Search document
        any references to Invisible Area and change to Invisible Track.
	6.1.22  Page 160 the following changes were made to Figure 0.5:
		-Two places EFW changed to EFM
		-Bottom of figure change NO to YES and YES to No.
		-Add the following note below figure 0.5:  "Note: Sectors that contain 
                 sub Q mode 0 shall be considered as no EFM."
6.2     Review John Hanmann (Western Digital ) comments.
	6.2.1.  Page 144, All control bytes are reserved and set to zero.
	6.2.2   Table B.1 ATAPI CD Commands make the following changes: 
		-Mechanism Status changed to mandatory.
		-Remove Seek and Test Unit Ready.	
		-Stop Play/Scan will be mandatory.
	6.2.3   Modify Table 11 as follows (changes are made so that ATAPI and 
                   MMC are consistent):
		-Delete seek. 
		-Mechanism Status will be Mandatory 
		-Set CD Speed will be R and add definition for R,  Mandatory for CDR/E. 
		-Stop Play/Scan will be A.
	6.2.4   Page 78 between Table 86 and 87 add the following new paragraph:
                  "Issuing a stop play/scan command when no play operation is
in progress 
                   shall not be considered an error."
	6.2.5   Page 77 Set CD Speed command make the following changes:
		-Table 84 bytes 2 &3 changed Drive speed to Drive read speed.
		-Table  84 byte 5 add "(reserved for CD ROM readers)."
		-Between table 84 and 85 make the following changes: "The Drive 
                 Write and Read Speed parameters contain the requested data
                 the drive should use.  The device 	may choose to select the
                 specified or any slower rate.  A value of FFFFh will set the
Drive Speed
                 to the maximum supported.  Requesting a speed faster than
the drive 
                 supports shall not generate an error.  The actual speed set
is returned in 
                 the Capabilities Mode Sense page.(See Table 100- CD
Capabilities and 
                 Mechanical Status Page)."
	6.2.6   Page 103, Table 112 the following changes were made:
		-Code 001, the description, last sentence, "used" was replaced with
		-Code 010, the description, last sentence was replaced with the following:
		 "The track to be erased shall be in an incomplete session."
		-Code 011b, the description, first sentence is changed as follows: "This is
                 valid only when the last recorded track is incomplete,
reserved, or is complete 
                 and in an incomplete session."
		-Code 100b, description, third and forth sentences are changed as follows: 
                 "This blank type is valid for only a Packet track. This may
be used to prepare for 
                  writing to a packet track to a CD-E disc with the same
write process as a CD-R. 
                  The track to be erased	shall be in an incomplete session."
	6.2.7   Page 108, last sentence first paragraph is to be modified and made
                 a separate paragraph as follows:  " If the last session on a
disc is not complete
                when this command is issued, a CHECK CONDITION status with
the sense 
                data set to a key of  05, ASC of 2C and ASCQ of 00, Command
Sequence Error."
	6.2.8   Page 108 last paragraph, is changed as follows: "The session bit
                  be ignored when 	the Grow bit is set."
	6.2.9   Page 142, Add the following error code to Table A.1.:
		 Sense Key     ASC    ASCQ                   Description
		    05               10         05                 Current Program Area is
not empty. The program 
						       area of the current session is written and does 
						       contain reserved tracks.
		 Page 143 Add the following error code to Table A.1:
		 Sense Key     ASC    ASCQ                   Description
		    05                71         05      Can not write session at once, no
cue sheet.
6.3     Reviewed Tony Pione (Oak Technology) comments. 
	6.3.1   Pages 145, to table B.1 make the following changes: Format Unit, 
                  Operation code 04h., 		type O.
	6.3.2   Page 101 Table 110 the following changes were made: Format Unit 
                  command Operational Code 04h.
6.4     Reviewed Masa Morizumi (Yamaha) comments.
	6.4.1   Page  97, Table 105 Packet/Session Size changed to Packet Size.
	6.4.2   Page 104 changes made to specification.
	6.4.3   Page 125 changes made to specification.
	6.4.4   Page 126 changes made to specification.
	6.4.5   Page 148 changes made to specification.
	 (details for above in editors marked up spec.)
6.5     Reviewed Rob Sims (HP) comments.
	6.5.1   Page 134 send OPC, a bit was added to CDB to support Do OPC.  
                   See rev 8 for details.  	Rob had further comments that
                   during all of the reviews of other comments.
 6.6     Reviewed Ricoh's comments
	6.6.1   Already taken care of.
	6.6.2   Format Unit Command changes were made, Neil please review 
                   the changes submitted.
	6.6.3   CLV recording speed changed to 4 bits.
	6.6.4   Blank definition has been further defined such that a track that has

                   just the pre-	gap recorded shall not be considered to be
	6.6.5   The group would not support a open, re-open function within Close 
	6.6.6   Blank command, Erase Session (blanking type=110b) will be an  
                   optional part of the command.
 6.7     Yamaha presented two pages of additional comments
	6.7.1   Yamaha presented New formulas  for page 121 on the free blocks for 
                   a fixed packet track and free blocks for the invisible
	6.7.2   Page 104, after Table 115 remove the next paragraph.
	6.7.3   Page 119 Damage  flag, add the following: "When the damage  ...
                   ... the drive may ......"
	6.7.4   Small editorial change to sample que sheet.
6.8      Mike Yokoyama presented Ricoh's comments concerning Blank command 
           and Format Unit command. After a brief discussion the
specification was modified.
6.9     Reviewed change bars in Rev 7.0H that will become Rev 8.0. 
	6.9.1   Add 02/04/04 to all command error tables. (added to Rev 8.0)
	6.9.2   Table 63 64 and 65 needs further modification.(added to Rev 8.0)
	6.9.3   Page 103 add Ricoh's Blank session function.(110b).(added to Rev
	6.9.4   Page 121, new formulas for caculating free blocks.(added to Rev 8.0)
	6.9.5   Recemonded sense data table missing from the following commands:
	-Send OPC (added to Rev 8.0)
	-Synchronize Cache  (added to rev 8.0)
7.0     New Business
7.1     A vote was conducted to recommend the forwarding Rev 8.0, with change
          from the July working group meeting, for further processing by
X3T10. The vote 
          was unanimous to forward the document ! ! ! ! !(11-0)
8.0     Review of Action Items
	-The group to actively review Rev 8.0.
	-Neil S. and Bill M. review the Blank Session functionality added to Rev
9.0     Future Meeting Schedule
	- No MMC August working group meeting.
	- MMC September working group meeting scheduled for September 10 and 11
1996, Crowne 
	- Plaza, Natick MA.
10.0    Adjournment
        The meeting adjourned at 4:30 PM on July 17th.

Rob Reisch            Eastman Kodak
460 Buffalo Rd. Rochester N.Y.14652-3816
 E-mail: reisch at kodak.com
Ron Roberts         Sierra-PAC Technology
PO Box 2389      Shingle Springs, CA 95682
PH 916-677-5714     Fax  916-677-1218
E-mail:  rkroberts at ao;.com
 July 16, 17, 1996    Attendance List
          Name	                     Company	                         E-mail
Mr. Kent Manabe	Amer Kotabuki Elect Ind.	102511.1602 at compuserve.com
Mr. Ken Wolfgang	Cirrus Logic	kenw at colorado.cirrus.com
Mr. Robert Reisch	Eastman Kodak	reisch at sector.kodak.com
Mr. Rob Sims 	Hewlett Packard	robsims at depeche.lvld.hp.com
Mr. Jeff Kishida	JVC Information Products	75022.3003@ compuserve.com
Mr. Anthony E. Pione	Oak Technology	AnthonyP at oaktech.com
Mr. Bill McFerrin	Philips	bmcferrin at aol.com
Mr. Ron Roberts	SIERRA-PAC Technology	rkroberts at aol.com
Mr. Mike Yokoyama	SONY	masayuki at cppc.sel.sony.com
Mr. Tatsuya Imokuchi	SONY	tatsuya at strg.sony.co.jp
Mr. Shigeki Tsukatani	SONY	tukatani at strg.sony.co.jp
Mr. Jonathan Hanmann	Western Digital	hanmann.j at a1.wdc.com
Mr. Masa Morizumi	Yamaha Corp	mori at lab1.yamaha.co.jp

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