Low Density connector for SCSI-3

Tak Asami asami at itcmail.adaptec.com
Tue Jul 16 21:14:51 PDT 1996

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> * Sanjay Joshi <sjoshi at wipinfo.soft.net> said: 
> Hello, all!
>   The SCSI-3 draft (Revision 15a) mentions a wide ,nonshielded 68
>   conductor connector with adjecent contacts 1.27 mm apart.
>   The SCSI-2 supports either 50 pin high density or 50 pin
>   low density connector for cable A.  But there is no 68
>   pin low density connector mentioned in SCSI-3 draft.
>   Can anybody through light on why it is so?
>   Thanks in advance.

Since I didn't see anyone answering this one...

It's quite simple, really.
When they (I'm not part of the guilty party) were working on SCSI-2, there 
wasn't any 68pin cable connectors.  In fact, there still isn't any, as far 
as I know.
Rumor has it that HP once made a wide SCSI-2 drive with 68-pin low-density 
cable, but that was a handcrafted job where they glued 18 extra 
cable-connector to the existing 50pin.  

Cable and connector are two of the most contraversial subjects in SCSI, we 
try not to re-ignite the fire if it isn't needed.

Tak Asami
Adaptec Inc. / ITC

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