Low Density connector for SCSI-3

Sanjay Joshi sjoshi at wipinfo.soft.net
Tue Jul 16 05:48:29 PDT 1996

* From the SCSI Reflector, posted by:
* Sanjay Joshi <sjoshi at wipinfo.soft.net>

Hello, all!
  The SCSI-3 draft (Revision 15a) mentions a wide ,nonshielded 68
  conductor connector with adjecent contacts 1.27 mm apart.
  The SCSI-2 supports either 50 pin high density or 50 pin
  low density connector for cable A.  But there is no 68
  pin low density connector mentioned in SCSI-3 draft.
  Can anybody through light on why it is so?
  Thanks in advance.

  Sanjay Joshi.
  Sr Engg. Wipro Infotech.
  Email: sjoshi at wipinfo.soft.net

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