RAB Raids Comdex for 3rd Year

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Tue Jul 2 13:24:06 PDT 1996

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The RAID Advisory Board (RAB) is sponsoring its RAID Technology Center (RTC)
at Fall Comdex for the third consecutive year. 

"Providing one location to see products incorporating a featured technology
is increasingly the preference of Fall Comdex attendees," stated Joe Molina,
the RAB Chairman and President of Technology Forums LTD.

The RTC is conveniently located on the first floor of the Las Vegas
Convention Center. It is also next to the SCSI Technology Center (STC), which
is sponsored by  the SCSI Trade Association (STA). The Facilitator for both
the RAB and STA is Technology Forums.

Participating in the RAID and SCSI Technology Centers provides convenient,
low-cost exposure to the hundreds of thousands of Fall Comdex attendees. To
encourage Comdex participation, and RAB and STA membership, the following
package prices are available until July 31, 1996:
    * RAB Membership + RTC Participation - $9,900.
    * STA Membership + STC Participation - $7,900.
    * RAB and STA membership + RTC and STC Participation - $15,900.

These prices, which reflect up to a 25% discount, include a four foot display
table, advertising, power, sign holder & imprinter. Current RAB or STA
members may also take advantage of these special prices by committing to
renew their annual membership.

Please contact Joe Molina at Technology Forums LTD, affiliated with the RAID
Advisory Board and the SCSI Trade Association, 13 Marie Lane, St. Peter, MN
56082-9423, Tel: 507-931-0967, Fax: 507-931-0976, E-Mail:
tforums at ic.mankato.mn.us

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