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July 2, 1996

The SCSI Trade Association (STA) announced a new membership category today
entitled "Associate Member". Associate Membership was established for
companies desiring to: (1) Contribute to the STA's goal of promoting the
understanding and use of SCSI Parallel Interface Technology and (2) Select
those STA benefits which best meet their companies needs.

For an annual membership fee of $3000, associate members receive the
following STA membership benefits:
   * Participation in SCSI Parallel market growth
   * Identification as a STA member at all STA events and in all relevant STA
   * Availability and use of all STA publications and promotional material.
   * License to use the STA lgo to identify the company as a STA member.
   * Information via subscriptions to STAinfo (information for STA members)
and STAR, the STA Reflector.

For additional membership information and a STA membership Agreement, please
contact Joe Molina at Technology Forums, LTD, 13 Marie Lane, St. Peter, MN
56082-9423, Tel: 507-931-0967, Fax: 507-931-0976, E-Mail:
tforums at

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