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Jim McGrath jmcgrath at QNTM.COM
Fri Jan 26 11:49:27 PST 1996

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  OFFICE MEMO         Updated Ultra SCSI Support List       Date:  1/26/96

Below is an updated list of Ultra SCSI supported by various companies.
I have divided the products supported into the following categories:

Bus Analyzers
Cables/Connectors - unclear we want to include this, since our
     message is Ultra does not need new cables/connectors.
     Probably it is best to classify this as SUPPORTING Ultra.
CD-ROMs (type, e.g. recordable - nothing implies read only)
Differential transceivers
Host adaptor silicon
Host adaptors
Host systems (system type, e.g. PCs)
Tapes (media type, e.g. DLT, 8 mm)
Target controller silicon
Technology - technical endorsement, no products yet

Note that I added bus analyzers and differential transceivers.
I will continue to update the list as I get more information.
Please feel free to send me updates/corrections.  While sending
me a message containing detailed product information is
welcome, the formally posted list will simply classify products
by category so as to avoid the "commercial" aspect John
Lohmeyer mentioned.  This data will be offered to the STA
as well for dissemination in its Public Relations activities
(press releases, trade shows) - if you do not wish such
dissemination, then please inform me (I assume by default
that, this information being public in nature, the STA can
use company names and product categories to promote Ultra SCSI).

Adaptec - target controller silicon, host adaptor silicon, host adaptors
Advanced Storage Concepts - host adaptors
Amphenol - cables/connectors
Burr-Brown - terminators
Bus Logic - host adaptor silicon, host adaptors
Ciprico - subsystems (RAID)
CMD - host adaptors
Conner - HDDs
Dallas Semiconductor - terminators
DPT - host adaptors
Fujitsu - HDDs
Linfinity Microelectronics - terminators
Micon - host systems (PCs)
Micropolis - HDDs, subsystems
Mylex - host adaptors
Q Logic - target controller silicon, host adaptor silicon, host adaptors
Quantum - HDDs, tapes (DLT)
Seagate - HDDs
Storage Concepts - ??? (type of product was not supplied)
Symbios Logic - target controller silicon, host adaptor silicon
System Connection - cables/connectors
TI - terminators, differential transceivers
Trimm - enclosures
Unisys - enclosures
Unitrobe - terminators
Verisys - bus analyzers
Volex - cables/connectors
WD - HDDs, target controller silicon, host adaptor silicon, host adaptors

Finally, for those interested in the newly formed SCSI Trade
Association (STA), please contact Joe Molina at 507-931-0967.

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