ID Jumpers Obsolete?

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Perhaps this should be on the SFF reflector, but one of my 
customers is complaining that the new wide SCSI drives
|from Quantum and Seagate, using the unitized P connector + option
block + 4 pin power block, do not have any provision for
using ID jumper shunts (and hence my cabling to a rotary
switch) nor for remote LED connectors.  The narrow drives
had a auxiliary connector on the opposite side of the
drives, where one could use shunts and a little cable for
the activity LED.  The model I'm looking at is the 
Quantum Xp34301 - the 12 pin header has A0 on pin 1
as we all agreed, but the opposite pin, pin 2, is open,
so you can't plug a shunt here.  The LED is opposite
the A3 line.

Forgive me if I missed something, but didn't everybody
agree that we still needed a way to use ordinary 
jumper shunts to set ID to support legacy applications?
Obviously this mandates a header somewhere else on
the drive.  Is it the thinking that SCAM makes this
no longer a requirement?

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