Altering block size support for tape devices

Dan Davies - Overland Data ddavies at
Tue Jan 23 11:21:03 PST 1996

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I don't have any real issues with your proposal to add granularity 
information to the Read Block Limits command, but I'm curious where you 
find the words in SCSI-2 that mandates support for all block sizes in a 
range.  I only see that a minimum and maximum block size is 
reported, not the entire range of values between those limits.

Am I missing something obvious? 

On Mon, 15 Jan 1996 tedl at wrote:
> Subject:  Block size granularity for sequential devices
> Background
> The current model for sequential (tape) devices requires that all
> block  sizes be supported in a range.  Support of odd block sizes
> is  potentially  costly, particularly with wide SCSI  interfaces.
> Additionally, some existing products support more than one  block
> size but not sequentially (such as 512 and 1024).

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