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The ftp.symbios.com site has been re-organized to more closely match the 
organization of the X3T10 CDROMs that will soon be available.  The directory 
structure is now:

/pub/standards/io/x3t10                 - general X3T10 information
                       /document.95     - any individual 1995 docs
                       /document.96     - any individual 1996 docs
                       /mailings        - X3T10 mailings
                       /drafts/archives - some old draft documents
                              /cam      - There is one subdirectory
                              /cam3       per project containing
                              /epi        the latest draft document.
                              /f20        In some cases, there are
                              /fcp        other files in these
                              /gpp        subdirectories specifically
                              /mmc        related to the project.

The x3t10.1 subdirectories have been similarly re-organized.

If you are trying to find a specific X3T10 document (numbered committee 
document), the fastest way to find it is to download the document register 
file dr.txt from the /pub/standard/io/x3t10 directory.  This is a plain 
ASCII file that you can search with your favorite text editor or list 

Once you find the document number, look at the field in the square brackets. 
 If the document is a 1995 document or later, the record will be something 

X3T10/95-148R0         Date: 2/9/95  Author: Lamers/Lohmeyer  [SY-95-02]
Desc: Procedure for Funding X3T10 Technical Editors

The document should be in the file sy-95-02.zip in the mailings subdirectory 
(not all documents were available in electronic format prior to 1996).

For documents prior to 1995, the mailing field was stored as a date:

X3T10/94-206R0         Date: 9/29/94  Author: L. Lamers  [1994/10/15]
Desc: Letter Ballot on forwarding SCC to X3

Convert the date [1994/10/15] to an sy file name by dividing the middle 
number (month) by 2: sy-94-05.zip

For X3T9.2 documents (prior to 1994), please check the SCSI BBS at 


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