X3T10 letter ballot 96-010

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Tue Jan 23 08:42:00 PST 1996

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If you are not a voting member of X3T10, please disregard this message.

There is a small error on the X3T10 letter ballot 96-010 which deals with 
forwarding Serial Storage Architecture - SCSI-2 Protocol.  In the subject 
line, the ballot incorrectly references SSA-TL1 instead of SSA-S2P.  This 
apparently was a missed change in editing the ballot form from 96-009 which 
dealt with SSA-TL1.

Since the three other references to S2P are correct and SSA-S2P was enclosed 
with the ballot, I think it should be clear that this ballot indeed does 
deal with SSA-S2P.

Sorry about the error,

John Lohmeyer, Chair X3T10

PS:  I am always concerned that my posting something about a ballot will 
cause someone to decide to post their opinions about the document being 
balloted.  Please do not discuss your voting position on this document until 
the ballot closes.
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