LVD Release Glitches

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I really like the idea of having symmetrical output waveforms for
LVD SCSI, I think it would help a lot with set/hold timings and
noise margins.

But, I don't think it will help the release glitches.  As discussed
in Monday's LVD SCSI study group, dropping the current on negation drive
would lower the glitch level, but, the other direction of the
specification to only have a minimum drive current or voltage,
says that you can have more output current, which will still have
a big glitch.  So I don't think the idea at the end of the meeting
on Monday will work.

I agree that we should try to fix this problem in the protocol or 
logic design part of the controller.  
And, not to prohibit drivers from turning off slowing to prevent glitches.
As, the protocol should also work if you don't get the glitch.


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