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Ladies and gentlmen,
   I have been getting various inquires as to where the SSA documents
are available.  Here is the information.

SCSI BBS - 719-574-0424
SCSI FTP -   /pub/standards/io/ssa
Web site -
         - http.//

   The file names are xxx-Ryyy.zzz
where xxx is S2P, TL1 or PH1
where yyy is the revision number (i.e. 08, 08a, etc) may be 2-3 chars.
where zzz is either DOZ (zipped word) or PSZ (zipped postscript).

   Sometimes the .PSZ is not available.  Sometimes .ZIP is used for .DOZ

   At this time the latest documents are...
S2P-R06A.DOZ or .PSZ - Letter ballot version with page number fix
TL1-R09 .DOZ or .PSZ - Letter ballot version
PH1-R08 .DOZ or .PSZ - Letter ballot version

   X3T10.1 proposals are named wwAxxxRy.zzz
where ww  is the year (95, 96, etc)
where xxx is a numberical value identifing the proposal
where y   is the revision number
where zzz is the format (ZIP, DOZ, PSZ, etc).

   X3T10.1 mailings are named SY-xxAyy.ZIP
where xx is the year (i.e. 95)
where yy is the mailing number (i.e.06).

I hope this helps,
John Scheible
scheible at

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