Reserve and Release for printers and comm devices

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          When editing the SSC document, I discovered that the reserve
          and release commands were optional for printers and not
          mentioned for communications devices.

          I propose that reserve and release (ordinary, SCSI-2 style,
          not persistent and no extents) be mandatory for SCSI-3
          printers and communications devices.

          Both of these device models are part of the stream class of
          devices which have an implicit state based on previous
          commands.  To allow proper control of these devices in
          multi-initiator environments, reserve and release are
          required.  Therefore, I believe that these commands should
          be mandatory.

          Does anyone else have an opinion on this, particularly to
          the contrary?  I would appreciate input from you or anyone
          you know, particularly implementers of SCSI printer or
          communication devices.

          Thank you.

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