Birth of a Standard -- IEEE 1394 !

Sun Jan 7 20:53:02 PST 1996

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It gives me great pleasure to announce that IEEE 1394 has been
accepted by the IEEE Standards Board as a ratified IEEE standard.
By official letter notice from the IEEE I am advised that 1394
was accepted as a standard by the December 12, 1995 meeting of
the IEEE Standards Board. An appropriate reference to our new
standard would be --  IEEE 1394-1995 Standard for a High Performance
Serial Bus. A shorter reference would be Standard IEEE 1394-1995.

Far too many people have participated in the development of this
standard to acknowledge them by name in this short note. A list of the
voting members (at time of submission) of the 1394 Working Group
appears in the standard itself. Special recognition is due and
noted here to Mike Teener who worked long and hard (as well as
with considerable success) as Senior Technical editor and also as
first chair of the Working Group.

Three cheers for all who participated !

Best regards,
Jerry Marazas
1394 Work Group Chair

P.S. NOTE WELL -- We no longer have to include P (for project)
                  in making reference to 1394.

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